Evariste Lagarde

5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023



5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023

Speaker Interview



Foam Division Director, Decathlon


In the lead up to Adhesives & Bonding Expo and Foam Expo Europe we caught up with Evariste Lagarde, the Foam Division Director at Decathlon. Evariste is passionate about sustainable material development and was able to give some insight into his role within Decathlon, what he is looking forward to about the event, and why you can’t miss his session on 9 November in the plenary discussion entitled Encouraging Industry Collaboration to Meet Stringent European Union Carbon Neutrality Targets at 10:00 CET. 


Can you briefly explain your role and how it relates to materials?

I am in charge of managing the industrial team who answer to design problems by finding the relevant solutions. It means we guide Decathlon Design Teams on the choice of foam material and the transformation process they will use to create a sport product that will answer to their technical specifications.


Why is it important to attend your conference session? What will the audience learn? 

While attending to this conference, the audience will learn what the Sports Users and Customers of Decathlon are looking for when they purchase a product in our stores. I see a shift in retail demand as people are looking for something affordable AND more sustainable.


What do you see as the biggest trend within the foam and adhesive supply chain?

I see three big trends:

  • A more sustainable and decarbonized foam value chain
  • A more circular foam value chain with products that customers are willing to give back to reuse them as raw materials
  • A more data-oriented value chain where data is the key to making critical and wise decisions


What are you most looking forward to about attending the event?

My expectations are that people will learn what my customers, and thus their customers, are looking for in the future. If they can understand it well, we can create win-win-win-win solutions: for the manufacturers, for Decathlon, for the citizens, and for the planet.


If you could have one famous person (living or deceased) over to dinner, who would it be and why?

I would probably have a simple lunch with the Mahatma Ghandi, who said “If you don’t ask, you don’t get it.”