Senne Plessers

5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023



5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023

Speaker Interview


Senne Plessers,

EMEA Customer Experience Application Engineering Manager, Nitto


Can you tell us about your role and what your day-to-day responsibilities look like?

I’m responsible for the application engineering department that investigates new trends in strategic markets. Once the trends are identified the team translates this into either existing products or new product developments and prepares a proposal towards management & R&D to identify the strategic fit and resources to start the project. Once a project has been initiated, the team takes the lead to guide the discussions with the customer until it is ready for commercialisation.


Can you explain what your company does and how it fits within the materials supply chain?

Nitto is an innovative material science company that is known for the development, production, and commercialization of pressure-sensitive adhesives as well as foam materials. As such the foam and adhesive & bonding expo is a perfect fit where Nitto could showcase its innovative solutions in bonding.


What are you most excited about learning at Foam Expo Europe and Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe 2022?

As part of EMEA application engineering, I’m most excited to learn and see what innovations will be on the market and see how Nitto could contribute to these new concepts. Additionally, I’m eager to connect with new and existing customers to find and offer short and long-term solutions.


Can you tell us about the topic you will be discussing at the event in November and why it is important for the audience to attend?  

The topic that Nitto will address is related to improving recyclability at the end of life. Nitto has been working on several bonding technologies that could facilitate this process by de-activating the adhesive on command. During the event, we will present and explain this approach and connect with customers to solve issues that they currently see when two substrates are bonded with an adhesive.


If you could have an all-expenses paid holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Australia and New Zealand.



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