Stéphane Hatterer

5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023



5 – 7 DECEMBER, 2023

Speaker Interview



Team Leader Qualification Engineering FACC Operations GmbH


In the lead up to Foam Expo Europe and Adhesives & Bonding Expo Europe we caught up with Stéphane Hatterer the Team Leader Qualification Engineering at FACC Operations GmbH. Stéphane is passionate about material qualification and will be speaking about the requirements of the aerospace market in a panel discussion entitled Calibrating Interior Acoustics to Increase Consumer Satisfaction in Future Mobility Applications (14:30 CET, 10 November). 


Can you briefly explain your role and how it relates to materials?

The team objective is to develop a product that meets OEM expectations. It is important from the early stage of any product development to isolate the need and respond with appropriate solutions and materials. To achieve this objective, we are constantly looking at the raw material market and testing them to optimise both our competitiveness and our product.


Why is it important to attend your conference session? What will the audience learn?

The aerospace industry, as with any other, has its own dedicated set of requirements. The regulation in terms of flammability performance is to be known by all foam manufacturers who aim to see their products become airborne. The acoustic properties of foams are our second benchmark to differentiate products, so I will try to raise awareness of the performance we are looking for. Finally, they will also hear about the trends in customer experience within our industry and how foams will contribute to that!


What do you see as the biggest trend within the foam and adhesive supply chain?

Concerning interior applications, unfortunately nothing. We have placed significant efforts in the last few years to obtain knowledge about foams, for instance what parameters are influencing the acoustic properties. We are now ready to cooperate with the supply chain on the manufacturing boundary conditions for instance to optimise existing or to develop new products. Who knows, maybe the market can be disrupted!


What are you most looking forward to about attending the event?

First, to meet again with the industry face to face of course! The pandemic is not over but the Expo will certainly give us the feeling that the worst is behind us. The supply chain has been under a lot of stress during the last two years, and I will be looking forward to seeing what’s new and what will be planned by the key players for the next few years. We have been active during this time and are now more than ever looking for new partners to work with!


If you could have one famous person (living or deceased) over to dinner, who would it be and why?

Probably the Wright brothers. I know they are two people, but I would have so much to ask: How did they come up with the idea of designing an airplane in the first place? How have they worked together? How they kept themselves focused on target when the objective hasn’t been reached yet? Dinner won’t be enough, I would be coming with tons of other questions!